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You’ll find hand-crafted art from artists throughout the United States both in our unique gallery  in Wilmington NC and here online.  At any given time Crescent Moon will showcase work from over 50 artists in the gallery.  Visit the Artist Page to view artists showcased online.  We encourage you to browse our categories to find everything from vases, paperweights to jewelry and scarves.   If any item shown is out of stock, no worries…we can easily order it for you on our next order with the artist.   Crescent Moon’s guaranteeThe Only Thing Mass-Produced Here Is Originality!

Introducing two new jewelry artists,  Kathryn Scimone Stanko, Metal Laces,  and Keri Hollifield, Earthstar Studio.  Kathryn draws inspiration for sculptural adornment and artistry from her travels and study of East Asia and Africa.  Keri’s designs are greatly inspired by her love of the natural world.  Their selections are all hand made one at a time, the design may repeat but each has its own finished look.

Kathryn Stanko



Kathryn Stanko


Keri Hollifield


Keri Hollifield


2012 Constant Contact(R) ALL STAR AWARD WINNER



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    Petroglyph Golden Basket Large by Rick Satava
    Petroglyph Golden Basket Large by Rick Satava
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